With UpCrypted.com, you can store your files online, in the cloud, with Extreme Encryption.

Nobody will be able to open your file unless they have your decryption key.

You can connect from anywhere, and have your files always only with Military Grade Encryption.

What is the magic with Upcrypted.com?

Neither your Secret Key and your Encryption Key are sent to us, ever.

Your data is indeed stored on our servers, but when you access it via a browser, it is sent to you in encrypted form, and decrypted in your browser by means of web encryption/decryption, which is now standard on virtually all modern browsers.

So, the secrets you use to decrypt your data (your Secret Key and your Encryption Key) are only ever entered locally, into your own device. We do not have them, and the way the UpCrypted.com service is structured, don’t possess the means to obtain them.